We’re drowning in snow here

As anticipated, WtD is back with the “we’re all going die from fires caused by climate change” mantra. What some people won’t exploit to try and “win” in the climate science debate. No science, of course.

Update: It appears the blaze may have been started by the military (see Skynews). Perhaps one should outlaw the military testing and using explosives to reduce the number of wildfires. Unless climate change somehow enhances the probability of the military starting a fire accidentally, we can blame humans and not climate for this one.

Since I respond to the WtD blog, I am obligated to post photos of my weather lately:

October 4th

October 4th

Duck pen--October 6th It eventually collapsed

Duck pen–October 6th
It eventually collapsed

Large tree fell through the fence

Large tree fell through the fence

City crews clean up downed limbs

City crews clean up downed limbs

What we are looking at is weather–the same as always. It’s cold here and snowing. It’s warm in Australia. There are fires in Australia. However, noted in my post https://watchingthewatchersofdeniers.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/wildfire-propaganda/ fires are affected most by fuel availability. If there is defensible space, clearing of underbrush and good forest stewardship, fires can be controlled to some degree. The reality is fire is part of nature and will continue to happen, irregardless of the ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere. Claims to the contrary are unrealistic and unscientific.

Scientific badger

Scientific badger

3 comments on “We’re drowning in snow here

  1. Huruk says:

    Congratz son you have just found out what weather means. Now time to go and find out what global means.

  2. If you’re a realist and understand statistics, you realize just how much manipulation there has been in the data and the tacky statistical methods.

    The bushfires are because of TOO MUCH FUEL. Try researching what makes fires burn. If it’s 110 degrees and there’s no fuel, there’s no fire. It is, as you say, simple physics.

    I left the link you put in as I want people to see what both sides are up to. I in no way agree with the activity.

  3. Michael the Realist says:

    Rubbish. What you do, if you are a realist, is look at the trends. Facts are that the globe is at its highest temperatures in thousands of years, after a long consistent upward trend in temps for over 100 years. Culminating in the current period which is the hottest decade since instrumental records began. After 60 years where natural factors have produced a net slight cooling effect, global temps have risen 0.6 deg c (0.8 f).

    This has produced record melting in the Arctic, glaciers and global sea ice volume. Rising sea levels twice as high in last 30 as previous 100. Ocean warming, especially to the deeper layers due to recent back to back la ninas and pdo cycles. Extreme precipitation up 7% pdegree according to actual observational records. hot day records breaking cold ones by 3 to 1 and night records 5 to 1. Ocean ph fallen by 30%. Extreme weather on the rise, especially droughts and floods etc etc.

    So 2003 record breaking heat wave through europe, russia in 2010, us in 2012 and Australia in 2013. Currently last 12 months hottest on record, hottest winter, hottest day, month etc. This will result in more bushfires and other associated issues with hotter weather. Actions have consequences. It is only October, not even summer, and the bushfires are unprecedented. Put your ideological beliefs or greed to the side and put reality and people firs, open your eyes, people are suffering and it is deniers fault. We have been warned by scientists since the 80’s and this could have been prevented.


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