What about T. Boone Pickens?

I accidentally stumbled on to the WtD site and noted an article on how Murdoch was losing a fortune on his publishing business.  The blogger, of course, asks if it might be because Murdoch is an evil science heretic who does not tow the line with the “consensus” on climate change.  I did note that said blogger does not seem to have mentioned that Pickens lost millions in the wind industry.  It seems it’s news to be shouted out to the masses if people you disagree with lose money, but let’s not let out any information on the $150 million Pickens lost to the green-endorsed wind industry.  If losing money is a sign that the public is not with you, the public is seriously not with wind.

Michael Mann: Climate-Change Deniers Must Stop Distorting the Evidence (Op-Ed)  Why–is it competing with his distorting evidence?


Scientific badger

Scientific badger

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