What’s missing?

A reader alerted me to the absence of information on WtD concerning the recent election.   It’s true–the last entry was Sept. 5 and it was about how Melbourne was so eco-friendly and proved that only “nutters” don’t get this whole “save the planet” thing.  Looks like a majority of Australia either does get what shams global warming and sustainability marketing and political movements are or a majority  of the continent is comprised of “nutters”.  Can we look forward to a citizen science paper on how a very large portion of the Australian population has come to view Carbon Tax as a  sham and threw out the advocates, or would that simply shine the spotlight on the sham?

Abbot won, the carbon tax seems on it’s way out and I just hope Americans come to their senses in 2014 and fill the house and senate with all the “nutters” here.  It’s time to put an end to this whole sham.

Note:  I am not in favor of dirty water, dirty air, etc.  That is the typical response to people who oppose the “green” agenda.  I want the best use of the resources we have and for things to be done in as clean a way as possible.  I want things reused where possible.  What I don’t want is politicians making these decisions.  People will decide what they want–and cleaner, better manufacturing methods, etc are going to sell.  They already do.  I have a lot of faith in people making the right decisions as a group–I have zero faith in many of our politicians making the right decisions at this point.

Scientific Badger

Scientific Badger

One comment on “What’s missing?

  1. Skeptikal says:

    It looks like Mike wants to start up a new blog… one that might actually attract some readers. He says that his site name is putting constraints on his writing but I’m guessing that he’s getting a bit tired of blogging to the few eco-nuts who regularly visit his current site. What he doesn’t realise is that the main constraint to his site is that his views are on the extreme fringe so in all likelihood a new site with a new name will do little to attract any amount of new readers.

    Still not a word from him about the change of government in Australia, brought about by the much hated carbon tax.

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