Unbelievable (well, not really, but one would have hoped)


Al Jazeera’s Climate Activist Fans Don’t Care About The Network’s Ties To Oil-Rich Qatar
So now we find that oil company ties are only bad if they are to skeptics. Hypocrites. Definitive proof that the only goal is to spread the gospel of AGW, even if the people killing the planet are the ones financing the spread.

Also, you may officially laugh hysterically when the AGW advocates call you a “shill of the oil industry” and chant “al jazeera, al jazeera, al jazeera” with great glee. The complete and utter stupidity of this type of behaviour boggles the mind.

Note that this glee is based on the words of Al Jazeera, not any action whatsoever. Oil is still being drilled and sold. It will continue to be. All that counts is the endorsement of AGW, not any actions on anyone’s part. Just proclaim you agree, then continue to pillage the planet and burn those evil fossil fuels and the AGW crowd will kiss the ground you walk on. Can they get any more foolish-looking? One wonders how….And they call the skeptics deniers. This may actually rise to the pathological level of denial. Or at least the poster child for double-think.


Scientific badger

Scientific badger

2 comments on “Unbelievable (well, not really, but one would have hoped)

  1. youkipper says:

    Somewhat of a stretcs. I can’t see how the state funding of a news channel that runs segments on climate change id hypocritical just because the country is oil rich. The same could be said for many western countries with oil industries. For example, the BBC runs climate stories, is funded by the Government and much of the governments funds come from North Sea Oil.

    This is simply an oil rich country not rejecting the science supporting man made climate change. Just because a country accepts the science doesn’t mean it has to have the certain policies or behaviours you think it should have.

    • Then you agree that questioners are not shills of oil companies, the Koch brothers giving money to Heartland does not affect what Heartland believes and other such ideas suggested by those of the AGW belief tend suggest as motivations for those who do not think the science is developed to the point of being “fact”? Okay, we’re good.

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