It’s all about scary pictures and made-up “facts”

“The new normal–Tornadoes strike italy, hundreds dead in UK heatwave, Shanghai record breaking heatwave, Japan’s new national heat wave”

WtD is back on the tired “worst ever, sky is falling, we’re all going to die” track again. Interesting that he does not mention the COLD in England and how many people died from that weather phenomena. Oh, I forgot, only heat waves count.

The IPCC itself says tornadoes CANNOT be said to be a result of climate change but I guess WtD is not really interested in science or what the IPCC has been saying. Terrifying headlines are so much better and scare the daylights out of people. Facts just get in the way.

Heat waves–claimed to be the “WORST EVER” every year for as long as extreme weather became the new mantra of climate alarmists. Using only 30 years of data, as is the definition of climate, perhaps that can actually be claimed. So can extreme cold, increased snow, etc. Plus, picking countries that have heat waves while ignoring that the US has not had prolonged heat waves this year, is dishonest.

Another question here–Did the Southern Hemisphere vanish? As far as I can tell, other than Australia, there is no climate in the Southern Hemisphere. No land, no people, nothing. Well, there is Antarctica, but that gets ignored if it freezes up more than usual. It was a great tour for Al Gore to film ice calving off the land and claim climate change (It does that in the summer, which is when Al was there. Has something to do with mass and gravity, I think.) Can anyone tell me what happened to South America and Africa. After we found out the Himalayas were not going to lose all the glaciers, Africa vanished. Who redefined the Northern Hemisphere as global?

It’s just the same old pictures and scare tactics. Without facts, contradicting facts of their own advocates, etc. No wonder it’s losing followers.

Scientific Badger

Scientific Badger

8 comments on “It’s all about scary pictures and made-up “facts”

  1. Yes, I agree there is dangerous hot weather. I agree there is dangerous hot weather period. I agree records are broken, period. I do not attribute any cause to the situation nor do I find it disturbing or frightening. It’s simply a statement of a fact that there is dangerous hot weather.

    No, I would not agree that one type of temperature record being broken means there’s global warming or cooling. It’s more complex than that. I would agree that records are being broken more in one direction. Extrapolation from a limited number of data sources to an entire planet is going to require thousands of stations and data input, very careful planning to be sure the samples are representative, that data points are not missing or require adjustment, etc. Otherwise, the extrapolation is nothing more than a wild guess. It’s big globe.

  2. youkipper says:

    “Yes, there are nasty heat waves and highest record temperatures EVER–somewhere in the world every single year.”

    I’ll take that as an admission that the headlines are right.

    “People froze to death in England–why not use that as evidence of global cooling?”

    Some people try to do just that. The way to use facts and evidence is to determine if the number of one type of temperature record is significantly higher than the other. So if far more cold records are being broken than warm, then it is credible evidence of global cooling, would you agree?

  3. Yes, there are nasty heat waves and highest record temperatures EVER–somewhere in the world every single year. People froze to death in England–why not use that as evidence of global cooling? cites actual deaths (as close as statistics get) has frightening projections that most climate change people love–projections even more will die

    There never has been a stable climate, nor has there been extended periods where records were not broken. With literally hundreds of thousands of records kept throughout the US, records will be broken regularly. It’s much cooler where I am–last summer was over 90 much of the time. Plus the drought is letting up. So can I take that as evidence of the heating up and drying out ending?

  4. youkipper says:

    “Heat waves–claimed to be the “WORST EVER” every year for as long as extreme weather became the new mantra of climate alarmists. ”

    You have “WORST EVER” in quotes but no links to anyone saying what you claim. Some people might think you have created a straw man here. Are you sure you don’t mean claims that heat waves are / will become more common? There is plenty of scientific research supporting that. No need to make up ‘facts’.

    • Millions of Americans Experience Worst Heat Wave in Recorded History–ABC news
      Worst heat wave ever? Washington, D.C. ties record for most straight 95+ days, more coming–Washington Post 2012

      Yes, the first one lacks the word “ever”. Get over it. Obviously, I did not make this up. I don’t need to. It’s out there. (And no, I am not linking. Type my quotes into Google and check it out if you don’t believe me.)

      Predictions are NOT facts. You do understand that right? I only deal with “are”, not might be, could be, should be or our model says so.

      • youkipper says:

        RC, Watch this, About 40 sec in;

        Your problem is that for Millions of Americans it was the worst heat wave EVER. With places recording the highest temperature EVER. These are recorded facts not predictions. Not “made-up “facts””, but real scary facts.

  5. PeterB in Indianapolis says:

    I find it beyond the bounds of ridiculous that so-called “Greens” are so anti-human. You would think that the first species they love would be their own, no??

    For example, to a “Green”, a beaver building a dam for beaver-purposes is “natural” – yet a human building a dam for human-purposes is unnatural. This makes absolutely no sense. In order to believe this, you would have to assert that somehow humans are “outside of nature”.

    As one of my favorite ’80s bands wrote –

    “You cannot go against nature, because when you do, go against nature, that’s a part of nature too!”

    Love and Rockets (No New Tale to Tell, from the Earth, Sun, Moon album)

  6. PeterB in Indianapolis says:

    If scientists and politicians admitted that climate variation is 99.9% natural, and that human input into climate variation is so insignificant as to be completely natural, then they would have to admit that there are far bigger forces in nature than us puny insignificant humans, and that we humans are actually quite powerless.

    In admitting that humans are actually quite powerless, they fear that they would lose their own power, and that frightens them to death. The way that they attempt to deal with this is by frightening everyone else as much as possible, in a desperate attempt to cling to their illusions of power.

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