More “non-science” from the blog this watches

I tripped over to WtD to see if he was hyping Colorado wildfires. Okay, not if. Obviously, one should take a phenomena in no way related to one’s religion and turn it into “proof” of your religious beliefs. The reason Colorado is burning is because there are forests, winds, people who live in forests, warm weather/hot weather, etc. In other words, because we live on the planet earth and this is how nature works. You see, trees are combustible. Always have been. Homes tend to be that way too. Putting combustible homes in combustible tree areas generally leads to a combustible outcome. Sooner or later, lightening strikes, someone drops a cigarette, etc and the burn is on. If this occurs during a windy, hot spell, the outcome is very bad for the trees and the homes. This has always been true–even in ancient Rome, trees and homes burned (though homes dug into hillsides burned less often). The Romans seemed to understand the idea of fire and how it worked. It seems odd that today the “high priests” of climate science cannot grasp that reality.

Also, the previous post on WtD has a picture of a badger and says “You have angered the badger”. I wish to formally protest using such a sweet, adorable (though somewhat testy) animal for climate science propaganda. It’s one thing to pull in hapless, apathetic humans. Leave the badgers out. Badgers understand life and live it as it comes. They don’t call one another “deniers” (so far as we know). They don’t spout meaningless statistics (97% OF THOSE WITH AN OPINION NOTED IN A JOURNAL PAPER agree with AGW. So that would be what, less than 1% of the population of the United States. Less than .1% of the world population? That’s not really impressive.) On behalf of badgers everywhere, I ask that climate change scientists refrain from drafting innocents into their crusade. The badgers deserve better.



One comment on “More “non-science” from the blog this watches

  1. Skeptikal says:

    With the Australian Federal Election looming… it appears that Mike (of WtD) is turning against the woman who brought us the carbon tax which, in his mind, is extremely popular. He now wants to ‘sacrifice’ our much loved Prime Minister, hoping that it can somehow save the current government and enable them to continue to inflict upon us their policy of economic vandalism.

    My prediction is that after the Federal Election, to be held on September 14, Mike will have a complete meltdown… blaming the media, the blogosphere and uneducated/misinformed voters for the result. The one thing he won’t blame is the carbon tax.

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