Now it’s gotten to the level of insanity


TRESemme climate control shampoo. This is so incredibly wrong words fail me. This shampoo is obviously marketed to people with room temperature IQs. When you see the name brand, think: “Selling to idiots. Am I the idiot the company thinks I am?”

Check out:

2 comments on “Now it’s gotten to the level of insanity

  1. It’s nice to know even the clueless and those lacking in principles (my reason for NEVER buying the stuff) can have nice hair.

  2. john byatt says:

    here is satisfied customer

    By: manvisudan87 Posted:Wednesday, January 30
    awesum for frizzy hair
    i alwaz loved tressemme.i have dry frizzy hair.its a great friend in hot and humid climates like in smoothens hair,detangles it and also control frizz making hair more managaeable.i think its a must for dry damaged hair.better than any loreal n sunsilk hair products.its really cheap and the conditioner is equally good.i use it on regular basis and my hair are so smooth n shiny.

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